Current State of Litecoin ($LTC)

I first began to invest in Litecoin on April 27th, when the value was around ~$15.00, although the coin was created in 2013. The reason for this investment and strong belief in Litecoin was for a number of reasons:

  • Rumors (that came true) of $LTC integrating into
  • SegWit activation timer (happens in ~11 hours of me posting this).
  • Lightning network activation incoming, if all goes well this is the ticket for $LTC value increase.
poloniex ltc 2 week
Poloniex chart of the previous 2 weeks of LTC/BTC exchange rates

As you can see on this graph, May 3rd was the $LTC low, but shortly after was also when integration was announced. You can see the continuous spike in value over the next few days. Poloniex had a DDOS attach around the time you see the most recent dip, which many cryto-traders bought in at. SegWit is ~11 hours away from activation and I believe it could reach $40-$50 within 48 hours of activation. Some of my peers predict $LTC hitting $100 by the end of 2018. Obviously, these are speculations, but the outlook for Litecoin is looking very strong due to their immense backing.


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