Crypto-Influencer Tweetdeck [Guide]

Hello all,

I decided to create a Tweetdeck for Cryptocurrency influencers. A tweetdeck, or “deck,” is basically a group of accounts that retweet (RT) eachothers tweets for increased impressions.

1. Join the “Cryptocurrency Influencer” Telegram chat.

Direct link:


2. Log in to with your crypto-based Twitter account.


3. Add @crypto_deck as a contributor to your Twitter account by clicking “Team @YourTwitter”


Once all the above steps are complete, simply copy and paste your tweet link into the Telegram chat, and it will be retweeted on all Twitter accounts linked with the deck. Currently, there is a limit of one deck per hour.

I strongly suggest linking an auto un-RT application (click here for what I use) to your Twitter account so you don’t have to manually do so yourself.


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